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Study Skills Help for Teenagers

Next workshops for Junior and Leaving Cert on Saturday 13th Jan, 2018.


Many teenagers find it difficult to motivate themselves to study for exams. At SMART Education we show them how to make out a timetable for study based on their subject likes and dislikes, then we show them how to take notes and learn. 

For Leaving Certificate students it helps if they have a goal, such as a course they would like to get. This keeps them focused and able to concentrate on learning. A good point to start with is filling in the CAO form, this helps them set the goal.

Guidelines to help study

  • Draw up a timetable and stick to it
  • Use a method that suits your learning style, such as mind maps
  • Collect everything you will need in the same place, dictionaries, calculators, pens etc.
  • Make sure the environment is comfortable, good lighting, heating, ventilation etc. 
  • Get rid of as many distractions as possible
  • Study in the same place each day

Advice for Parents

  • Help the student create an environment at home that they can study
  • Ask for guidance in levels, check with a careers expert to make sure that they have the correct subjects and levels for the course they want
  • Reward effort
  • Understand that study works best in 45 minute slots, so allow short breaks
  • Encourage the young person to eat a healthy diet and exercise
If you feel that they are not working seek advice from the school or contact us for a Study Skills Workshop. Workshops last one hour and 20 mins.The student will leave with a study timetable and the SMART Study Method.